We like to call part of what we do “business short cutting”, and in reality that’s what’s at the core of all the services we provide. When we say short cuts, don’t for one second think that we’re suggesting you should skimp on or skip out essential parts of the journey to success, that’s not what we do. But what this ‘short cut’ advice and support can do is get you onto the right road and moving faster than you would do on your own. With our help, you can literally save years of time getting there and develop much more rapidly and with a higher degree of control. Wouldn’t you like to reduce the time spent on developing and growing your business so that you can reap the rewards sooner?

You’re probably thinking that you can’t afford our help, but there are many ways that we can add value to your business, by helping you to generate more income and increase profitability. Because we tailor our services to suit your needs, you can have our advice and help at whatever level is appropriate to your business and more importantly, your pocket. Maybe all you need is a few hours with us talking over your game plan to make a difference?

Choice and Flexibility

Wellbusiness provides a variety of services to both start up and growing businesses including:

  • Mentoring
  • Consultancy
  • Interim Management
  • Non Executive directorship
  • Sales Training

  • It’s difficult to catalogue all of the different types and levels of service that Wellbusiness can provide, and really these depend on the needs of your business or idea and what needs to be done, but here’s a quick snapshot of some of our typical scenarios.

    Discovery :-

    The first stage is what we call ‘Discovery’ and it’s where we find out more about you and your needs, and how we think that we can help you. If we both feel that there is an opportunity to work together further then we can move on to the next stage.


    After Discovery, Wellbusiness will delve a bit deeper into the business or business idea to find out more precisely what the opportunities and challenges are. For example, this might involve us investigating a particular area of your business that needs attention with a view to change, or maybe looking at how your business could expand or, in the case of a new business idea, it might mean researching your product or service and seeing how and where it fits in the marketplace.


    The Planning stage can incorporate a number of different phases depending on the task in hand. Using various analytical tools, we work with you to create a working plan which will become the backbone of the project and the blueprint for achieving the best results.

    Marketing: -

    If the project involves the launch of a new product or service, then Wellbusiness can help you to develop and put in place a suitable marketing strategy. This may involve both branding and marketing of your product or service, the all important means by which you can send the right message to the right market.


    For both new and existing businesses, more often than not, there will be funding requirements. Again, we stress that we are fans of the nimble approach, so we’ll advise you on the many ways your business idea or growth plan can get the required financial support. Wellbusiness can help with financial support proposals and bank approaches, and we’ll look at other possible funding sources ie: government bodies, private investment etc. And, if it’s something you want and we think there’s merit then we might even be interested in investing or taking a stake in the project as well.

    Implementation :-

    There’s nothing as bad as a good plan and no action. So many well thought out business plans remain on paper on the office shelf, never seeing the light of day. For us as consultants, this is a cardinal sin, and so it should be for you.

    So, we love the opportunity to assist where we can in the implementation of the project, providing services in areas such as:

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Processes
  • Marketing
  • Web Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Logistics
  • Either we have the skills in house or through our business network we can point you in the right direction, always ensuring that you get best value, and most importantly, the best results.

    Review :-

    The most important part of any business project is making it a reality through action. At Wellbusiness, we feel we’ve only done a good job if we see the fruits of both our and your labour being vigorously and effectively realized.

    Along the way, it’s important to ensure that the plan is on track. There’s no point in planning a journey, studying a map, and then forgetting to go there. So, as part of our service, we can help you to manages your actions and monitor your progress through periodical review meetings

    The sky’s the limit…

    There are opportunities everywhere for new products, so don’t ever feel that your country’s borders are the limit. For many businesses export is the best path to successful growth and there are several ways to propel your business into other parts of the world. You might just be surprised how easy it is to export and we at Wellbusiness know just how to help you to make it a reality for your business.