It’s easy to recognize a budding entrepreneur. Here are the basic characteristics of those people who are ready to enter the world of self employment:

  • You’ve got an idea, a product or service with a difference.
  • You know that there are people out there who will buy it.
  • You’ve got energy and passion and a desire for change
  • Do you recognize this? Are you one of these people?

    However, although these are the primary components for starting up in business and they form the basis of a new business formula upon which a successful business can be built, this is by no means a complete recipe.

    On top of these basic requirements, you may have a business studies degree or similar from a top class business school. Or you may have worked for a large organization and got the chance to observe the many facets of the corporate world. Or you may even have been born into a family of successful business people and you helped out in the family business during the school holidays. Or maybe you’ve experienced all three!

    These background experiences are all valuable in steering you in the right direction, but they don’t make you a self employed success story.

    And this is where Wellbusiness comes in… we can help you turn your business idea into a commercial reality. That’s because we understand the dynamics and the formulas that make small businesses work, and from small ideas we can help you to transform your passion into a potential winning formula.

    For any business to get off the ground and keep going, the foundations have to be sound and the overall proposition strong. As well as an idea, product or service with a potential market, there must be a determined and well planned execution. And this involves having every angle of running a business covered. You might be a brilliantly creative person with lots of exciting ideas to share, but you fall short on knowing how best to implement them. Or you may have good planning and organizational skills but lack inspiration for new and better ways of doing things. And in most small businesses, by their very nature of being small, you are the ‘owner-operator’ whose main objective is to simply keep the cogs turning. This is so prevalent in fledgling businesses where it’s a case of ‘all hands on deck’ with no time for working ‘on’ the business as well as in it, and it becomes increasingly difficult to see above the parapet.

    We at Wellbusiness know very well what its like to face the challenges of setting up in business, because we’ve been there a number of times. And it doesn’t matter what line of business you are planning to enter, the basic principals and corresponding tasks are the same.

    It’s well known that there is a fine line between success and failure in business. And all too often, which side of that line you land on depends heavily on the degree of thoroughness and completeness that your business model demonstrates. In the early stages, you don’t normally have a full complement of people in your organization to help you build and maintain a comprehensive and detailed plan of action, and that’s when you can benefit with help from outside your business, especially from people who have been in similar situations and whose hearts pump with the same entrepreneurial blood as you.